Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...wait, Obama did too

Slate compares Obama's influence on the character of Matt Santos during the final season of The West Wing. The similarities are weirdly acurate. We can just hope that Obama doesn't offer McCain Secretary of State.

Monday, November 3, 2008

True Blood: Taking vampire staking one step further


...possibly too far. Whatever happened to the innocent, non-death implying "dustings" Buffy taught us about so well. Is it really necessary to have all the blood come pouring out of his mouth dousing Sookie like she is in some sort of water bondage video. Then his skin and other undead parts come unraveling down and gather messily up on the floor. Really, was all of that needed to show that Bill killed his own kind? Apparent vampire deaths are disgusting in the True Blood universe, unlike Buffy's de-humaning of vampires, because every time a vampire's 'dead' body is found, the reactions on the characters' faces is quite disturbing.

Anyways, vampire death by a vampire means that we get to see a vampire tribunal next week. The previews for the next episode made it totally look like the beginning of The Warriors, so we can only hope for an assassination of the lead vampire, saving Bill, making him have to escape all the other vampires as he tries to get back to Coney Island, I mean Bon Temps, LA.