Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are you gonna tell me what's going on? It's like a fucking episode of the OC in here!

This title is not The Event

Ok. I admit it. I am excited for The Event. It is a burning need to find out what ‘the event’ is. I don’t even really understand the trailers, or the tv spots, or even the ads. The plot gives me a bit of an insight, but really I am still lost. The Event is pulling me like my constant need to see where the final season of Lost was going. It wasn’t a great season. Really the only episode that I significantly enjoyed was “Happily Ever After”, but I needed to see what the season was going to bring just like I need to see what ‘the event’ is.

I know, I know. This show is being marketed like Lost. It is a long form drama where every episode builds off the previous. You hope that at the end of the episode, or season, or series you are going to have all of your questions answered. I watched Lost for six seasons and never really got the answers I wanted. So Why do I want to see it when I know that The Event isn’t going to tell me what ‘the event’ is in the first couple episodes, let alone the first season?

It’s the pull. The desire to be attracted to another television universe complete with new mythology, history, characters, and stories. That is how I see The Event. I am not drawn to it because of its advertising gimmicks or it lack of information. I am drawn to it just like I am drawn to every other dramatic television series. Being excited for The Event is why I love television; because it means I get to ignore my mundane life and be introduced to something new and possibly exciting.