Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day- "The Power is Yours!"

"Looting and polluting is not the way. Hear what Captain Planet has to say!"

Yea Geordie....I mean LaVar Burton!

Shows You Aren't Watching, but Probably Should: Kings

Sometimes network television forgets to tell us about great new shows that they have been airing, other times we don't realize that these shows exist until they win an Emmy or our hip best friend tells us about their greatness. Couple shows come to mind like Arrested Development and Firefly, but Kings is think is a bit different. Major difference between those shows is that most people won't remember Kings once its inevitable cancellation occurs, like Firefly, and also its not going to last long enough to get nominated for an Emmy to save its demise, like Arrested Development.
What is Kings about? Well it is a revisionist story of the bible, yes a bible story, of David and King Saul. It takes place in a time where kingdoms still reign, like the main kingdom Gilboa, that resembles the US a lot, governed by King Silas. The story begins during Gilboa's war with Gath, which is kinda like the Iraq War. The storyline pretty much follows the David-Saul storyline with David, the main character, getting the attention of King Silas by taking down Goliath, not a giant but a tank. Then David is invited into King Silas' kingdom and becomes a military advisor.
What makes the show different from most on television right now is its style of writing and acting. Kings is written like it is for the stage. The acting a is a bit vorbose, but it is expecting for the other the top, but appropriate writing style. At times it seems as if you are watching a Shakespeare play and not an hour drama on a Sunday night. But as the show progresses, the writing style becomes less pretentious and more in line with the story in which the series is portraying. What adds to the uniqueness of the show is the acting, with Ian McShane, who made Deadwood into the great series that it was, as King Silas. Michael Green, the creator of Kings, even claimed that when he was writing the original draft of the series, he had McShane in mind for the role of King Silas the entire time.

The other reason why you should probably be watching Kings is because it won't be on the air much longer. Who knows if this is because of the unique writing style that tends to be a bit pretentious, or because NBC's lack of advertising. My current favorite is NBC's inability to keep Kings on a consistent night, first being on Sunday when it initially aired, then moving it to Saturday night, and now moving it to the Summer. This show will probably be forgotten once it is cancelled, but in the mean time, check it out. You might like it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Top Gear Season 10

Yes, I am reviewing Top Gear Season 10, or as they say across the pond Series 10. Since it is being realized today to the public for viewing on your television after you buy it at a lovely large retail chain, I wanted to admit that this season was pretty kick ass. Being one who watched many of the episodes because one Travis made me and also because I secretly was watching them on my own. What happened during Season 10? Well two of my fav Top Gear moments.

First we have motorhome racing. Being a child of parents who didn't realize they weren't 70 years old and dragged me around the country to motorhome rallies and taught me all about the differences between Newmar and Country Coach (yea, you don't knwo what that is), I appreciated this challenge. Richard Hammond figured that since most drivers use motorhomes as their vehicles transportation and then the drivers sleeping accommodations, life would be much easier for the driver if you just made a motorhome that could double as the accommodations and also the racecar. With this innovative idea, the guys then raced motorhomes, which really might sound like a great idea, but in the end, would a racecar driver really want to race a large home on wheels even if it does have a bathroom.
Of course, the second fav was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment with David Tennent, I mean the Doctor, I mean the old doctor? Whatev, still lost to Billie Piper, aka Rose, aka the Doctors former companion, even if Billie cut the hammerhead corner in her episode. Maybe you should have worn a black see through top David. If only he had the TARDIS...wait a second!: