Thursday, June 25, 2009

And then Buffy actually staked Edward

As a fan of movie mash-ups, this one might move to the top of the list. It may even be higher than the Brokeback to the Future amazing mashing of greatest. Rebellious Pixels have created a mash-up of Twilight and Buffy in which Buffy brings to light all the crazy stalkerish and creepy things that apparently all of the starstruck teenage girls don't realize. What completes and makes this mash-up awesome is when Edward says "You're like my own personal brand of heroin", Buffy responds with "What are you, 12?". Not romantic Edward. Bella should have dusted you at that point.

Yea, yea, she sorta dusts Cedric Diggory, but really, doesn't matter. Too bad Edward doesn't get all wrinkly face, but that would ruin his prestige as a sparkly vampire...ha. I do have to admit that Twilight does have an awesome soundtrack. So question, if Buffy staked Edward, then does that mean no New Moon? We can only hope...wait a second. Did Edward Cullen just get hit by a taxi cab? There is a God!

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